Quick and easy for Shadyside council

SHADYSIDE — A waterline leak, fence construction and parking issues were discussed by Shadyside Village Council after scheduled speakers failed to attend the Monday meeting.

Three individuals were slated to address council, but all three were absent from the meeting. One of those individuals was set to discuss a proposed fence, but the reasons the other speakers had been scheduled to address council were not announced.

WIth no public participation taking place, Mayor Bob Newhart turned directly to approving the minutes from the Sept. 24 meeting, which council voted to approve. Newhart also placed two residential building permits for fences up for a vote, and both passed. One resident wished to add a fence to a pool deck, while another wished to enclose an area where their grandchildren could play.

When council turned to new business for the evening, the only person to speak was Shadyside Police Department Assistant Chief Jeff Loefller. He reported three residential handicap parking spaces were set to be removed due to the individuals who needed those space being deceased. Loefller did report that one of three spots already had been removed.

No old business was brought to the attention of the council.

The Board of Public Affairs, though, did report a water break had occurred and had been quickly fixed. The repair took about half an hour and was due to a loose fitting, board members said.

That board also brought the idea of a water pumping station being placed in the southern part of the village.

The idea is to sell bulk water to bring in revenue from the gas and oil industry. No further discussion of the idea took place during the meeting.

Newhart adjourned the meeting by remarking how “short and sweet” the session was.