Workers train on repair machine

T-L Photo/SHELLEY HANSON MARTINS FERRY city employee Tyus Harris, left, practices using the new DuraPatcher pothole repairing machine as Mark Leaders of Leaders Machine Co. watches.

MARTINS FERRY — Workers with the city and village of Bridgeport recently got to train on the new DuraPatcher pothole repairing machine.

Mark Leaders of Leaders Machine Co. provided the training on the new machine, which is co-owned by the city and village. The two municipalities purchased the device together and will share using it.

It will be housed in Martins Ferry.

Instead of using pre-mixed hot or cold patch to fix holes, the machine allows workers to first blow out debris from a hole, spray a liquid asphalt into it, then spray an emulsion of asphalt and limestone chips into the hole. After the hole is filled, another coating of dry chips is placed on top.

Leaders said he recommends the overspray be swept back over the hole. The city also can use a roller to make it more compact, he said.

“Properly applied, it should outlast any other repair,” Leaders said.

He noted residents should be patient with the city workers during their training time. He said the more they use the machine, the better they will get.

The city spent $36,000 to jointly purchase the machine with Bridgeport. The city covered 60 percent of the cost, while Bridgeport provided 40 percent, or $23,000. During negotiations, Mayor Robert Krajnyak agreed to have the city pay more because it is larger than Bridgeport and has more streets on which it can use the pothole-repairing machine.

The DuraPatcher uses an emulsion and limestone chips, which are materials expected to be cheaper to buy than the typical hot mix bought for filling holes by hand.