Double duty for MFPD

Officers take care of threat, domestic dispute


MARTINS FERRY — As police were responding to a threat at a local elementary school on Monday, they also were called to defuse a domestic dispute involving the threat of violence with a firearm.

The Martins Ferry Police Department sent officers to Ayres Elementary School during the day after receiving a report that someone had directed a threat toward specific children who attend classes there.

“In the middle of all this, we made another arrest in the 1200 block of North Eighth Street for domestic violence,” Police Chief John McFarland said. “A guy was threatening his girlfriend with a gun. Thank God we had extra people out.”

McFarland said Jahod Joyce, 23, was arrested in connection with the domestic dispute. Joyce’s address was not listed in records available through the Belmont County Jail, but the chief said he believes Joyce sometimes stays at the Martins Ferry home, noting that Joyce and the female resident have a child together.

“They argued, and she claimed he pointed a gun at her a couple of times,” McFarland said. “She was able to get him outside house. She notified relatives, who notified us.”

Joyce was outside the home when police arrived, according to McFarland. He was ordered to the ground at gunpoint, handcuffed and searched. Although officers did not find a weapon in his possession, the chief said they did find a loaded pistol under a dog box in the backyard.

Joyce was lodged at the jail late Monday, charged with domestic violence. No bond had been set in the case, and records indicated Joyce was awaiting arraignment in Northern Division Court.