Man brandishes gun in Morristown restaurant

MORRISTOWN — A 79-year-old man was arrested Thursday for brandishing a loaded gun in the McDonald’s parking lot at Morristown.

Belmont County Sheriff David Lucas said law enforcement was called to the 208 exit shortly after 3 p.m.

“911 got repeated calls of a man brandishing … a firearm. Road units responded,” Lucas said, adding that his deputies and officers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol quickly arrived on-scene. “The subject did drop the weapon. … He was taken into custody without incident.”

Lucas said the man, identified as Alfred Smith of Louisville, Kentucky, was transported to jail, then to a hospital and was medically cleared. Lucas said he is being held on a bond of $2,000.

“He is currently in jail on 2 charges: inducing panic and aggravated menacing,” Lucas said, adding that the charges are misdemeanors of the first degree. “This is going to be going to the prosecutor for their final recommendation.”

Lucas said Smith reportedly directed the animosity toward people in the parking lot. Lucas reported the victims said Smith was a stranger to them.

“The victims that the gun was brandished on, they’re in the parking lot working on (their) disabled (vehicle) ,” Lucas said, adding that Smith allegedly approached from his own vehicle.

“He confronted several people in the parking lot,” Lucas said, adding that Smith did not state a motivation to law enforcement. Lucas also said the gun was loaded.

“They don’t know this guy, and the guy just confronted them with the weapon. So he was arrested, taken into custody, medically cleared. He is awaiting arraignment on these charges.”