Yorkville council discusses the village garbage issues

T-L Photo/MIRANDA SEBROSKI Yorkville Council member Ron Emerson listens as council and residents discuss the issue of garbage within the village at a meeting Tuesday evening.

YORKVILLE — Issues with garbage in the village and bringing life back to the neighborhood watch topped the agenda for Yorkville’s Council meeting.

At a council meeting Tuesday evening, a discussion for a clean up day took place about a clean up day for the village on May 11. Mayor Karen Vargo said that the village may have to use their own dump truck for the clean up with village employees and volunteers participating.

Vargo said that contractors and landlords have taken advantage of the clean up day in the village as well as other surrounding communities.

“It is supposed to be for residents to get rid of a couch, a mattress, a television, computers, all of that,” Vargo said. “It is not for remodeling materials, tubs, cabinets, that kind of stuff. I was told that every village is getting sick of it. In one particular town there was a contractor who brought in eight truckloads of stuff too, and they couldn’t take all of it.”

Vargo said there is an option for the clean up day to say on the flyer that it is not permitted for landlords and contractors. Another suggestion was for a fee after the first truckload, but council has not yet decided on the rules for clean up day.

“We can’t get abused because we only have two roll offs (dumpsters) for this,” Vargo said.

She also said that she has planned ahead for residents in the village who are known to have garbage or items that could be disposed of before the clean up day starts for the village.

“I had Jesse (Cordery, street and sanitation supervisor) go around and write down addresses of anyone who has junk in their backyard or like a couch sitting on their porch. What we are going to do is give them a letter ahead of time so they can either get rid of the stuff or bring it.”

“Only senior citizens and people with disabilities are the ones we are going to do pick up for. Last year, we were used and abused. We are not going to go through any of that this year. If you are able bodied, you can find a way to bring it.”

Fran Wakulchik, Yorkville resident, also brought to the council’s attention about people having only setting out garbage bags set out for sanitation workers rather than putting them in trash cans. She said that this has sometimes caused trash to come out of the bags, leaving more of a mess.

Vargo said that part of the problem is that some people are worried about their garbage lids going missing from the sanitation workers. Another resident, who wished to stay anonymous, said that a solution for people worried about this could get something to secure the lids to the can.

“If you are worried about a lid, I understand because garbage cans are not cheap, but you can get a cable for around a dollar and there is nothing to worry about,” the resident said.

Vargo said that there is something in the village’s ordinance regarding this issue, but said sometimes it can be more costly fining the residents for it.

“We would have to go to court and do all of that,” Vargo said. “They have been trying to put out notes for residents to please fix this.”

The anonymous resident had also suggested that Yorkville bring back its neighborhood watch, similar to what the neighboring village of Tiltonsville has, in order to keep an eye out garbage problems, repeat speeding offenders on roads, and other concerning issues for the village. Vargo and fire chief Dana Brown said that the neighborhood watch had failed before because of a lack of community members participating and it had just been an extension of council members.

“What we need is the community to become involved in helping with the town when there are issues to have eyes everywhere,” Brown said. “If we can get this program going, I think there are only benefits. I don’t see a downside to any of this.”