Harrison County to assess CIC performance with public input

CADIZ — The Harrison County Board of Commissioners wants to make the public aware the commissioners are assessing the Harrison County Community Improvement Corp.’s performance.

The commissioners are reaching out to all entities that deal directly with the CIC, including every village, village council and any individuals who have direct dealings with the CIC, in order to evaluate the agency’s performance so that, in turn, it can improve services to people.

“Help us help them,” Commissioner Don Bethel said at the Harrison County commission meeting Wednesday morning.

The commission sent out a short questionnaire to all public entities that have had dealings with the CIC. The short form includes seven questions about the performance of the CIC and ways it can improve services.

The questionnaire includes questions involving clientele experience with the CIC. Also, it examines whether the CIC workers were timely, professional, responsive, knowledgeable, respectful and the final question, asking if clients would use them for future projects.

Each question is followed by a rating of 1, for strongly disagree with, through 10, for strongly agree, and can be answered by simply circling the number that most closely reflects your personal experience with the CIC.

Because the CIC is a government-funded agency, the commissioners said they think it is necessary to see how it has performed over the past few years and to seek out any ways the organization can improve.