Street paving planned in St. Clairsville

T-L Photo/ROBERT A. DEFRANK Streets in St. Clairsville will be getting some needed paving during the summer.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — City residents will be seeing fresh, hot asphalt on St. Clairsville’s streets in the coming months.

This week, city Safety and Service Director Jim Zucal submitted a list of streets for council’s approval. The following streets are set to be paved:

∫ North Market Street from Newell Avenue to Glendale Avenue;

∫ North Market Street from Glendale Avenue to Rand Avenue;

∫ S. Sugar Street from Woodrow Avenue to Sebulsky;

∫ St. David’s Alley from Ohio 9 to Light Alley;

∫ St. Patrick’s Alley from South Marietta to South Market streets;

∫ Lexington Drive/Allen Street from Taylor Lane to the cul-de-sac;

∫ Norris Street/Edgewood Avenue from Young Lane to Orchard Drive;

∫ Stewart Avenue from Neff Street to McFadden;

∫ Young Lane from the school parking area to Clairborne Street;

∫ Junior Sports Lane to the parking area;

∫ Spring Avenue from U.S. 40 to Walnut Avenue.

The cost is estimated at about $120,000. A full council of Mike Smith, Jim Velas, Perry Basile, Linda Jordan, Beth Oprisch, Mark Bukmir, Frank Sabatino, and Council President Tim Porter approved.

In answer to a question from Smith, Zucal said the work, once started, may be complete in two weeks, with about a day for each street.

“We’re trying to do as much as we can … inconvenience our traveling public as little as possible,” Zucal said.

“I think it’s a very good list,” Zucal said. “I appreciate everyone’s work. We’ve worked as a team. I think it’s great for the community, they’ll see a lot of major improvement.”

He said the work should begin in the coming months, after a contractor is selected.

“We’ll have to advertise it now,” Zucal said. “We’re probably looking at 60 to 90 days…The middle of June/first of July.”

Funding for the work comes from the motor vehicle license tax and the Regional Income Tax Agency permanent improvement money, Finance Director Cindi Henry said.

In other matters, Planning and Zoning Director Tom Murphy reminded residents to apply for zoning permits prior to starting any construction. He added that the Mid-East Ohio building department now handles commercial building permits.

Sabatino also commended city employees for their work during a prior wind storm. Director of Services Don Smithberger also reported tree trimming has begun around town. He also reminded residents to cut their foliage away from their meters during growing season.