Search for missing man in St. C/ Richland Township

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Authorities are asking residents to be on the lookout for an older man who who was reported missing Tuesday.

Patrick Kelley Jr., 67, a resident of Four Oaks group home on U.S. 40, reportedly left around 3 p.m. for his daily walk and did not return, according to Belmont County Chief Deputy James Zusack.

Zusack added that Kelley is six feet tall and was last seen wearing grey sweat pants, a jean jacket, and a Ford baseball hat.

“He left Four Oaks, which is a Southeast (Healthcare Services, Inc.) incorporated home,” Zusack said. “Four Oaks is located by East Richland Church. It’s on U.S. 40.”

Zusack said residents of the home are able to come and go at will. He could not say if Kelley had any medical needs.

“He usually walks to St. Clairsville every day, but this time he never showed back up,” he said. “He was heading east on (U.S.) 40 (the last time he was seen).”

Kelley was reported missing about 7:50 p.m. Tuesday.

He added that Richland Township is the lead entity on the case, and the sheriff’s office was providing assistance.

“We’re going over surveillance of a good deal of places he typically visits,” Zusack said. “There’s certain banks that he visits every day. He usually goes down to the plaza at the (Ohio Valley) Mall, Walmart and such places. So we’re going to try to track him there.”

Zusack added that this was the first such reported incident involving Kelley.

“This is very non-typical of him,” he said. “He’s been there for awhile and he’s very routine in what he does. I guess red flags went up then.”

Zusack said Kelley has family in the Pennsylvania but no known local ties.

He said the Ohio State Patrol has been contacted and would soon assist with an aerial search Wednesday.

Anyone who has seen Kelley or has any leads is asked to call 911 or the sheriff’s office at 740-695-7933.

“We’re just asking people to keep an eye out and help us. The more eyes the better,” Zusack said.

The area has seen instances of three other missing persons in the past months. A body found in the Ohio River on April 14 and has since been identified as Jerry Bowman of Bridgeport, who had been missing from the village for several weeks.

Law enforcement is also searching for Brian Goff, 64, and Joni Davis, 55, both of Martins Ferry, last seen on U.S. 40 in St. Clairsville June 10.

Zusack would not speculate if there was any relation among the current and past missing persons or any suspicion of a connection.