Cadiz residents enjoying steady spring

T-L Photo/CARRI GRAHAM Cadiz resident Michael Zordich stops at the Christopher Spring almost daily to enjoy the natural water.

CADIZ — The constant flowing Christopher Spring in Cadiz is a staple of the community where residents and travelers can stop and enjoy a crisp refreshing drink of water all year round.

Many residents and people simply passing through the area stop and enjoy a few sips of the fresh, cold spring. The tradition began many years ago and continues today.

Every other day, Cadiz resident Michael Zordich and his dog Mia make a stop at the Christopher Spring to enjoy the refreshing natural source of water. Christopher Spring has flowed along the roadway beside Ohio 9 for more than 100 years. The water is collected from a pipe into a trough and is crystal clear and always cold.

Zordich said he stops at the spring “pretty much every other day” on his way to work, at a local ranch. The accessible spring is conveniently located, making it quick and easy for him and other passersby to grab a drink.

“Pretty much everyone I work with comes out here to use it,” he said about the spring.

Zordich said he has been coming to enjoy the spring for more than five years now, since he moved to Cadiz.

“It’s clean, good, fresh water,” he said.

Christopher Spring is located on Crystal Springs Farm and is owned by Liggett Enterprises. Thomas Christopher purchased the Crystal Springs Farm, near the edge of Cadiz, in 1901.

He renamed the spring Christopher Spring in honor of his daughters.

In 1978, when his daughter Helen died, the farm was left to her two sons, Dr. Thomas Liggett and Dr. John Liggett.

Liggett Enterprises is now directed by Emily Wagner, daughter of Dr. John Liggett.

A ceremony was held in 2016 to formally dedicate and honor those who have worked to preserve the spring in recent years so that all can continue to enjoy the ever-flowing fountain. An inscribed plaque honoring Tony Pietrangelo i situated to the left of the spring. It states: “Tony spent many hours maintaining the grounds adjacent to Christopher Spring. It is in his honor that Christopher Spring is being maintained.”

Pietrangelo helped to maintain the spring and the property that surrounds it before he died in December 2013. Community members continue to care for and maintain the spring.