Furniture store receiving ‘face lift’

A crew works to rehabilitate the exterior of the Carolina Furniture building on Fourth Street in Martins Ferry on Friday. T-L Photo/JENNIFER COMPSTON-STROUGH

MARTINS FERRY — Carolina Furniture is performing a series of upgrades and improvements to the face of its building.

Carolina Furniture owner Bill Pajak said Friday that the building is receiving a “face lift.”

“We were long overdue for a face lift. I’m glad to be getting it done,” he said.

The upgrades should be completed in the next few weeks, he said.

“We are 90 percent done from the awning up,” Pajak added.

Pajak said workers still have to put up new light fixtures, install lighting under the awning and paint the brick on the side columns and below the awning. The final step will be new carpeting at entrance to the store, he said.

Thus far, Pajak and workers have power-washed the entire building, primed and painted the brick face, restored and prepared the windows for paint.

Pajak said that the interior of the store has been completely updated over the past eight years. He said he wanted the outside to match the updated interior.

The store has been a staple of the Martins Ferry business district for 50 years, Pajak said. His parents started the business in 1969. Pajak is the second generation owner.

“I’m so happy with what Project Forward has been accomplishing through the town. This is another way for us to help revitalize downtown Martins Ferry, and we’re hoping to see other businesses do the same. … We love Martins Ferry, and we plan on staying here. We’re here for the long hall,” he said.

Project Forward is a committee that formed to help revitalize the downtown after a massive fire in late 2016 destroyed several businesses in the area of Fourth and Hanover streets. Carolina Furniture is located further south on Fourth Street and was not affected by the blaze.

The store continues to operate and is open for business while the exterior improvements are completed.