Grown-up Christmas wish list

Dear Santa:

I have been a pretty good girl this year.

All right, maybe I should say I’ve TRIED to be a good girl this year.

Well, OK all ready, I’ll just put to you this way … I’ve tried to change my ways this year and it’s not working as I had planned … but, darn it, I had good intentions!

Can’t a girl get points for at least trying?

I sure hope so because I’ve been working on this letter for about 30 minutes and with each tick of the clock my list gets longer and longer. You know how it goes … we all want so much. There are all those things that we need like toothpaste and toilet paper but who wants those necessities as gifts? Then there are the things we want like trips to far-off tropical beaches and tons of cash.

So many things … so little space in that tiny little sled of yours! Really, you jolly ol’ elf, you! Have you ever thought about getting a trailer to drag behind that sled?

OK, Santa, I understand. You do have your limits and the “horse” power provided by flying reindeer can’t be that great. So, because of space limitations here’s my wish list. I’ve kept it to a minimum … you, know 12 items or less, just like the express lane at your favorite local grocery store!

And, you know what? The number 12 also made for great entertainment in that crazy days of Christmas song where somebody gets a bird in a pear tree, some drummers drumming, a gaggle of maids a milking and a truckload of lords a leaping! If 12 items were good enough for them, what the heck, they’re good enough for me too!

So, Santa, here are the things I would like to find under my tree on Christmas morning:

Twelve new pairs of shoes (surprise!),

Eleven gift certificates for massages (that’s nearly one a month for the new year!),

Ten tanks of gasoline,

Nine weeks of vacation (sometimes I really need them!),

Eight baskets of chocolate (another surprise),

Seven candles glowing,

Six (or more) friends laughing,

Five golden rings (had to stay with tradition on this one!),

Four new snow tires,

Three giggling grandkids (this is a MUST?have!),

Two hugs and kisses,

And a winning lottery ticket!

If you can’t get all this stuff for me, I guess I will understand. After all, most of them are just things but please make sure I get the giggling grandkids and maybe the lottery ticket!

And, in addition, I have another list I would like you to work on. It’s a little more serious and is for my friends and family.

If you could continue to say prayers from my father and his vision, I would be most appreciative. It’s been many long years since he lost his sight in a car crash and his doctors and their staffs have done so much hard work to restore his vision. His last cornea transplant seems to be working and although his sight has not returned yet … things are looking promising.

My mom needs lots of stuff (you know, like patience, a hearing aid and a full-time maid) but probably the best thing for her would be a vacation. She has been pretty stressed lately and she keeps mentioning a cruise or a trip to my brother’s house in New Mexico. (Hint, hint!)

For my oldest son, Will, you could bring him and his wife Tiffany a new truck and stock trailer. You see, he raises cattle and she likes to ride and show her horses. It would be a grand way for them to get around with their animal menagerie!

For Jacob and his wife Amy you could give each of them their very own workshop. Jacob makes some awesome guitars and Amy crafts jewelry…so set those shops up accordingly! Someday they are going to be famous.

Elisabeth and her husband Stan would like to have a really nice house in HARRISON COUNTY! (OK…I want them to have a really nice house in Harrison County so all my grandkids are right within my reach 24-hours a day, seven days week.) No matter, they’ll enjoy it and the move would bring them closer to all their family…not just me!

As for those grandbabies: Hunter, Maddie Jo and Hayden, you may bring them EVERYTHING that they want. I’m sure tops on their lists is to spend time with their Granny Kay. However, other items include: a “knight-in-shining” armor castle, Alphie, horses, princess stuff, army guys, muckmake (makeup), GI Joe guys, trucks, shoes (someone is like their granny when it comes to foot wear!), two dresses, a sled and candy.

But getting back to my list, Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without my friends, family and grandchildren.

So, dear Santa, you can forget my original list and just give us the important things. Yep, just allow us to be with the ones that mean the most to us as we experience the true meaning of the Christmas season…love!

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