A new spy in training!

TIME FLIES when you are having fun.

Apparently, we’ve all been having a blast because my friend’s son just turned 11 years old and I can barely believe it! I can still picture him all bundled up as an infant with a crop of blonde hair peaking out from under his little hooded snowsuit. I also remembering him taking tentative steps as he toddled his way from one backyard to another in our little neighborhood.

With his recent birthday, he is becoming a very handsome young man and is well on his way to being a source of pride for his family and friends!

Zakk is a very intelligent and personable guy. Rumor has it that he is going to grow up to be an engineer or maybe a politician. He could be a dentist, doctor or a sports hero. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he was a famous musician or a detective. The skies the limit when it come to Zakk but I’m thinking he might just become an international spy after his latest escapades unfurled.

Let me explain.

Zakk received a gift for Christmas that would please every red-blooded pre-teen male in America: a spy watch!

Apparently his grandmother thought this was a great gift … and Zakk agrees. However, Zakk’s mother does not have a concurring opinion.

It seems that just hours after opening the prized gift, Zakk used it against his momma!

The story goes something like this: Mom is having a small disagreement with Zakk’s younger sister, Abbi.

Abbi, who is as cute as Zakk is handsome, was having an issue with their mom’s plans.

Mom gets a tiny bit loud and, unbeknownst to her, Zakk hits the record button on his spy watch which is wrapped around his wrist.

Minutes after the disagreement ends on a happy note, everyone within ear shot hears the brief argument repeated … word for word.

At a loss, the adults wonder where the voices are coming from. But Zakk knew what was going on.

Finally his mother recalls the “gift” and confronts Zakk.

“Erase it,” she says.

“Nope,” says a smiling Zakk.

“Do it now,” Mom commands.

“No,” was Zakk’s reply once again. “I’m going to play it for everyone.”

Needless to say, the “gift” from Mimi isn’t a popular one with the parental unit but it sure is with Zakk!

I have been thinking about getting into this “I spy” business myself. Maybe I’ll give Mimi a holler and get that on my Christmas list for this year!

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