WANTED: A cat whisperer!

Just when I thought that I’ve seen (and heard) it all, Scooter decides to surprise me with something completely different. This happened recently when he joined me with one of his toys.

Scooter only had one toy that he enjoyed playing with, a stuffed velcro monkey, so it amazed me when he brought out a toy resembling a spotted cow. What was even MORE amazing was how he reacted to this toy.

Scooter laid down with the toy and gently put it in his month. What came next was a series of unusual meows while still holding onto the toy! It resembled a mother cat nurturing a kitten.

Not having any visual guidelines and acting completely on instinct, my boy picked up the toy and carried it to different areas of the room while still bleating out small, soft meows. He ignored me completely as I asked what he was doing. The meows continued, but I don’t think that they were directed to me.

As any concerned ‘mother’ would do, I thought that his odd actions could be a result of a physical problem. Perhaps an issue with a razor-sharp tooth that became entangled in the fabric of the toy?

I learned early that the way to a male’s heart is through his stomach. I had some of Scooter’s favorite wet food and used this to determine if his behavior was actually instinct or physical.

Usually, just the sight of a pouch of his food is enough to get him started and ready to devour the tasty treat. This time was different! He knew that I had the food but still held onto his toy.

The gravy covered morals made their way into his food bowl and it was soon apparent that he made his decision: food takes first place! I will most definitely file this experience away for future reference!

Something that never surprises me is Scooter’s reaction to his yearly visit to his vet. This treacherous journey occurred in mid-May and I mentally prepared myself for what was to come!

Scooter has learned to associate his ‘special cage’ with a trip to the vet’s office so it takes some careful planning to get him into the cage. Again……resorting to food was the best way to get the job accomplished. A fresh bag of treats was the convincing factor and my boy was ready to go!

Scooter is seldom vocal but the ride from our home to St. Clairsville was a chorus of meows. His ‘melody’ changed tunes when we walked through the door. Low snarls mixed with hisses was his way of letting everyone know that they had better keep their distance!

Some curious pets watched carefully with their owners to make sure that the evil kitty remained in his cage. A miniature doberman decided to put some additional distance between us and literally inched his way behind his owner’s long hair.

The door to the exam rooms opened and it was our turn to meet with the vet. Being his ‘bad boy’ self, Scooter let out a verbal protest that instilled additional fear into the poor animals waiting their turn.

Mrs. Steed joined us in the exam room and Scooter kept a low profile while continuing his snarls. The back door to the room was opened and he must have gotten a whiff of Dr. Steed’s scent and let out a hellacious howl of disapproval.

Dr. Steed and his assistant were ready for Scooter and he was ready for them! His low snarls and growls increased in volume and he belted out one fierce high pitched shriek as the deed was done and his annual shot was injected.

Usually, Scooter is back to his “normal self” as soon as we leave the office. Not so this time.

The ride home was mostly quiet, but Scooter did surprise me with some hisses. He continued this as we entered our home and I let him out of the cage. He sniffed the evil device and sauntered off putting a safe distance from it and me! All’s well that ends well and a pouch of wet cat food put me back in good graces with my boy.

Enjoy the rest of the summer season and the installment of Cat Tales will be ready in October. Until then … keep purring!