Scooter’s special trait

IT’S A bird….a plane…..a werewolf! None of the above (or so I think)….it’s my cat….Magic Scooter!

Scooter has learned a special trait…..metamorphosis! I’m not really proud about his latest trait, but he is able to ‘shape shift’ to whatever form he needs to succeed and get the upper ‘paw’ on anyone or anything that tries to outdo his feline skills!

As a kitten, Scooter was able to turn on his charm and captivate anyone who saw his special abilities in warming the heart(s) of all who saw him. His ‘spell’ captivated my heart and he became my kitten!

Growing up in an ‘interesting family’ I learned to accept unusual pets that ranged from praying mantises to young chicks that ended up on the farms of family friends. The tiny painted turtles were beautiful, but their life span lasted a whopping couple of weeks, if I was lucky.

One day, in the late spring of 2003, I happened to see this beautiful kitten who touched my heart! He was one of seven sweet kitties born at Ferda’s Garden Center. I was fortunate to choose the ‘pick of the litter’ and I accepted this little ball of fur into my home.

My amazing mother had a number of ‘sweet little things’ during her childhood, but Scooter was my first (and last) special ball of fur to steal my heart and a good part of my paycheck after realizing the cost of a ‘free kitten’. Spoiling my boy was no problem and I made sure that he got everything that he needed from excellent health care to toys, food, treats and his least welcomed attraction…..LOVE!

Eight years later and this beautiful boy is still calling the shots! I guess that would be ok, but his ‘mama’ is the one who pays for all of his decisions! His hypnotic glances and captivating meows have put him at the top of our household. How amazing that a 15-pound fur ball still has this power over the woman who first fell in love with him!

Scooter’s alluring images over the years have also captivated the hearts of many other new fans! Stories and images of his extended years have reached out to cat owners and fans throughout the Ohio Valley. Despite his diabolical attitude towards two vets and their staffs, Scooter has been able to make a ‘name for himself’ through his ‘catitude’.

I have been ‘blessed’ with some rare friends who were brave enough to be his temporary caregiver(s) during some special trips and business events. I salute these brave men and women who showed extreme leadership and fearless attitudes in going the extra mile while putting their lives and limbs to the max so that I could experience special events and needed medical care.

Scooter’s mantra is ‘take no prisoners’, so the fact that he would on rare occasions let other people into our home is a rare experience! I have him listed in my will and hope that he realizes that his next ‘papa’ or ‘mama’ will also be there to love him. Food is a universal unit of love, so I made sure that sufficient food and treats will be part of my ‘afterlife’ and his eminent domain!

For everyone who has loved a fierce and feisty feline, I salute you! Understanding the special needs of such a ‘creature kitty’ is not often understood, but the energy to continue to make them happy and healthy is well worth every penny and ‘loving moment’ for bonding!

May your Halloween be filled with fun and festive memories!

Scooter and I will rejoin you in late January of 2012! Until then, enjoy the holiday season and keep purring!