Residents take proactive stance with recycling

The residents of YTR are to be commended for their proactive approach to recycling. The JB Green team has placed receptacles throughout the 3 villages and many residents are utilizing them on a regular basis. The end results of this effort are a growing awareness of the need to recycle to protect our environment, reduction in waste in our homes and a reduction in tonnage going to local landfills, which in turn helps keep costs down for villages.

In addition to the villages, South Elementary has also joined in the recycling effort. A recycle bin is situated behind the building and is available for public use to properly dispose of paper and plastic. All proceeds from this effort go to the school. These proceeds are used to purchase items for students use in the classroom. Under the direction of teacher Sarah Lewton, the students of South Elementary are also collecting labels from Campbell’s products, pop tabs, Box Tops for Education and Capri Sun pouches. This project reaps dual rewards. It reduces the amount of items ending up in the trash and also brings additional proceeds to benefit students in the classroom. The students and staff of South Elementary are also commended for their efforts. If you do not have a student at South but would like to participate in this program, please contact Mrs. Lewton at 859-2201. BLHS also has a recycling program under the direction of Science teacher, Jeffrey Durbin. He may be reached at 859-2196 for further information.

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Items that can be taken to area JB Green Recycle Bins are as follows:

  • Yorkville: At the parking lot near the VFW: Glass bottles and jars; Plastic bottles, jugs and tubs (numbered 1-5 on product); Food, beverage and aerosol cans; Aluminum containers and pie pans.
  • Yorkville: Near the RG Steel Weigh Station: Cardboard and Paper products only.
  • Tiltonsville: 4 Bins at St. Joseph’s Parking Lot: 2- Glass bottles and jars; Plastic bottles, jugs and tubs (numbered 1-5 on product); Food, beverage and aerosol cans; Aluminum containers and pie pans. 2 – Cardboard and Paper products only
  • South Elementary in Tiltonsville: Cardboard and paper products only.
  • Rayland: 3 Bins across from the Fire Station: 1 – Glass bottles and jars; Plastic bottles, jugs and tubs (numbered 1-5 on product); Food, beverage and aerosol cans; Aluminum containers and pie pans. 1 – Cardboard and Paper Products only.

The Crestwood-Antarctica Connection

The Crestwood-Antarctica Connection aims to connect the students of Crestwood Local Schools, located in the north central section of Portage County, Ohio with real life research taking place at the coldest, windiest and driest continent located at the bottom of the earth. What makes this of interest to us is that one of the chief participants in this project is Buckeye Local graduate, Natalie Harr, a teacher at Crestwood Primary School. Natalie is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harr and grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Rayland, near Mt. Pleasant. On December 26, Natalie left for Antarctica and arrived at Palmer Station on Jan. 3. She will be there, participating in scientific research until mid-February.

On Jan. 23, the Foreign Language students and Science Club members, along with any other interested BLHS students will have the opportunity to take a “tour” of Antarctica via Skype with Natalie as their guide. Natalie will guide them through the terrain, take them to “see” the glacier and the animals of the region, especially the penguin, as well as explain other pertinent facts about the area.

In addition to this project, the Spanish IV students of BLHS, under the direction of their teacher, Bonnie Soos, Natalie’s sister, have been presenting weekly Spanish lessons to Natalie’s first grade class at Crestwood Primary for the past month. These lessons will be ongoing and are of equal value to those giving and receiving instruction, These projects are fine examples of cooperative teaching and also give us the feel that although the world may seem such a huge expanse, technology and cooperation, along with caring, dedicated individuals, like Natalie and Bonnie, can link us all together. Kudos to these sisters for bringing their innovative teaching expertise to students outside the traditional classroom. To view Natalie’s Blog, please go to

Relay for Life

The 3rd Annual Relay for Life Spring 5K Run will be held on March 17, beginning at the Yorkville Fire Department. Registration begins at 7:30 am and the race will begin at 9 a.m.

A Chinese Auction will also be held. This is the first race of the “Taking Strides Towards Better Health” Grand Prix Race Series sponsored by the Health Plan. Cost is $15 for early entrants and $18 after 3/12/12 with Children’s Fun Run early entrant fee of $3.00 and Fun Run Fee after 3/12 of $5.

On-line registration is available at TheRace Co-Directors of the race are Diane McCracken (740-296-4008) and Merri Matthews (740-632-1694).

‘Off the Couch,

you Potato’

On Monday, Jan. 23, the after school Extended Learning Center at South Elementary will begin a fitness program titled “Off the Couch, you Potato”, for students in grades 4, 5, and 6. The program, under the guidance of Diane McCracken, Cross Country coach, along with Cross Country athletes, will be held every Monday through March and will culminate with volunteer student participation in the Relay for Life Fun Run in Yorkville on March 17. Exercise routines will be provided which will include warm-ups and stretches, as well as fun and fitness games. Classroom instruction will include lessons on nutrition, the food pyramid, and good eating habits. For more information, please contact Mrs. McCracken at 769-7395 or Kim Leonard, principal at 859-2201.

Event Reminders:

January 16 Martin Luther King Day

Jan. 29 – ?National Puzzle Day encourages parents to work with their children to put together/solve puzzles.