Postal Reform?Act would deliver hardships

H.R. 2309, better known as the Postal Reform Act of 2011, was scripted, in theory, “to restore the financial solvency of the United States Postal Service and to ensure the efficient and affordable nationwide delivery of mail.”

Rep. Darrell Issa, a Californian Republican, was the legislation’s sponsor.

What the proposed act has spawned is a tidal wave of concern and opposition, and rightly so.

Bellaire Village Council unanimously went on record during Thursday’s meeting to oppose it. Also, we have received several letters to the editor in opposition to the resolution.

It does call for some outrageous provisions, cutting delivery to five days for starters. Moreover, home and curbside delivery may be eliminated, which would be tough to stomach.

Bellaire councilmembers were informed that if the proposal is enacted, 200,000 jobs would immediately be cut. That’s the last thing our national economy needs.

The US Postal Service has enough problems to deal with. It should not have to worry about such a ludicrous legislative proposal.

The Ohio Valley has been hit hard by the closing of several post offices. We certainly do not need the scaling back of mail delivery.


CHRISTMAS LIGHTS were in focus at the monthly meeting of the Bellaire Chamber of Commerce Thursday.

The chamber has launched its “Christmas in July” fundraising campaign to replace bulbs in the village’s Christmas decorations with LED bulbs, which use up to 90 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb. LED bulbs also yield little or no heat and will last 10-15 times longer than an incandescent bulb. See related photo on Page A7.

Chamber officials estimate that it will cost about $75 to replace bulbs in each decoration. Anyone wishing to assist the chamber is asked to send their donation to the Bellaire Area Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 428, Bellaire, Ohio, 43906. Anyone with questions can call the chamber at 740-676-9723.

In other business, the village is planning another community cleanup on Saturday, Aug. 11. It was also noted that the fountain in the park is still undergoing repairs and may be in operation soon.

Attorney Dan Frizzi also briefed members on the upcoming Great Stone Viaduct Historical Society’s celebration planned for Saturday, Aug. 18. The event will feature presentations, speakers, displays, vendors and train rides.

The Bellaire Chamber, now boasting 103 members, will meet again on Aug. 16.


TALK ABOUT stepping up for your alma mater. Dom Capers has certainly done that. Capers is in the big time, serving as defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. Despite a long and successful coaching career, Capers still embraces his roots. Capers is a Meadowbrook High grad, a school which is currently upgrading its football stadium to a tune of $600,000. Capers, in a recent visit to Byesville to see family and friends, donated $300,000 toward the project. He noted his father, Eugene, helped build Meadowbrook’s original stadium in the 1960s. The current upgrade includes artificial turf and is expected to be ready for this season’s opener.

THERE IS a movement afoot to give NCAA conference commissioners to power to fire coaches. That is nonsensical. That is the responsibility of college presidents and their respective boards of trustees, as they have much more invested in the coach than the commissioner. Unless you are talking about the previous Penn State regime, these are quality leaders making well-thought-out decisions.

CONGRATULATIONS to Martins Ferry and National Lime & Stone. The company held its ribbon cutting Tuesday, even though it has been operating for several months. It is another sign that Martins Ferry is getting it done and a harbinger of even bigger economic things coming to the Purple City. Lime & Stone is a well-oiled operation, situated in an ideal setting, sandwiched between rail, water and excellent highways.

IT’S BITTERSWEET to see that the reward for information in the West Bellaire murder case is growing. Residents in the area are committed to finding those involved in the heinous death. Crimes, however, like that are not supposed to occur in such nice places. But it should NOT take a reward for people to step up and do the right thing by providing possible key information. Those involved will be apprehended, it is just a matter of how soon.

THE DWIGHT Howard saga in Orlando needs to be put to bed, and quickly. Howard has climbed the list of most self-serving professional athletes. The Magic needs to unload him as soon as possible as the public has grown sick of hearing daily reports on his trade destination. Other than Magic fans, no one cares.

OUR CONDOLENCES and prayers go out to Belmont County Port Authority Director Larry Merry upon the death of his father Tuesday.

THE BELMONT County Veterans Service Commission is again offering air-conditioners to Belmont County veterans who fall within HEAP guidelines for 2012. Veterans need to fill out a financial assistance application. If approved, a voucher will be given to get one air-conditioner at no cost. The air-conditioners will not be available at the Belmont County Veterans Service Office. Those who were given an air-conditioner in 2011 from the veterans service office are not eligible. For more information, please contact the main Belmont County Veterans Service Office at 740-325-1042 or toll free at 877-316-0385.

THANKS TO an AAU basketball tournament this weekend, I had my first opportunity to visit University High School in Morgantown. The sprawling campus is nestled in the hills above the city, featuring a gymnasium capable of holding 2,800 fans and an equally gorgeous football stadium. With Morgantown solidly entrenched in the OVAC with three quality schools, is it not too long before nearby Fairmont is next on the conference horizon?

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