No substitute for a mother’s love

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all our wonderful moms in Belmont County and beyond. We pray that you receive the greatest gift of all, that of love. You certainly deserve that, and a lot more.

Mothers are the ones who exerts every influence for good. There is no substitute for a mother’s love. She will stand by her children in thick and thin. She will laugh with them and cry with them, and you can go to her th all kinds of problems, and she will help you.

On this day I will remember my mom because of what she meant to me and to our family. She worked hard, raised six children during times that were rough. I look back on those days in Boydsville and often wonder how mom accomplished all that she did.

I will remember mom on this day as I do every day, and be grateful for all that she did for our family. I will say a prayer of gratitude because of the influence she had on our family. Never once did I ever hear her complain. She taught us right from wrong. She was a sterling example of holiness and prayed constantly. I remember how she had the Rosary beads in her apron pocket, and she would finger them as she went about her daily tasks. She taught us the importance of faith, hard work, sacrifice and to be good to each other and those around us.

Mom died on Sept. 29, 1965. Never does a day go by that I don’t think of her, thank her and pray to her to continue to watch over me and my family.

On this day, I also thank my wife, Rose Mary for the love and devotion she has for our family. She is a typical mother and rejoices in the accomplishments of our children. She impresses on them the importance of doing their best. And I might add that our children and I love her beyond measure. It is my prayer that God grant her many years of continued happiness and blessings.

Once again I read the card I received from the Mayryknoll Missionaries a few years ago. It says a lot about mothers. “God has blessed each one of us with the powerful and everlasting gift of a mother’s love. Each one of us has been enriched by the bond we formed with our birth mother, grandmothers, godmother, or adoptive mother. It is a gift that has the power to make the world a better place and to bring each of us one step closer to the Lord, who knew us even before we drew our first breath.”

A woman from Shadyside sent a poem she wrote about Mother’s Day. It is as follows:.

“It’s time again for Mother’s Day when we honor mom s in some special way.

“We buy her some flowers or take her to dinner to let her know that we think she’s a winner.

“But Mother’s Love isn’t saved for just one day.

“They Shower it on us in so many ways.

“So, as we are drinking our Mother’s Day Tea,

Remember how strong mother’s love can be.

“No holiday should be needed for us to show our love and give thanks each day to our Lord above for the mothers who have sacrificed daily for us, and whose love and guidance have meant so much.

“Now we honor all our mothers, whether here or far away, or living with our Savior to meet again some other day.

“Show your mother that you love her by thought, word and deed, for following God’s wishes we will all be blessed indeed.”

So, honor and love your mom, not only on Mother’s Day, but every day of the year. If you are fortunate to still have her with you tell he how much she is loved, and if she has been called to Heaven, then say a prayer of thanks for her life and for all that she did for you. Remember always, that Mother is the best friend you will ever have.

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THE HISTORIC National Road Yard Sale will be held in Belmont County on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 29-31, from dawn to dusk. It involves 25 miles through the county from Bridgeport to Hendrysburg. For more information, call the Belmont County Tourism Council at (740) 695-4359, or 1-800-356-5082. Yard sale signs are available at the tourism council office in the Ohio Valley Mall to registered participants while supplies last.

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THE Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District will provide an eight-weeks summer program which will be held on Fridays from June13 through Aug. 8, for those ages 10-18. The program will consist of outdoor workshops on dragonfly impacts on forests, wildlife, water, soil quality and bodiversity.

This year’s agenda will include building blue bird boxes and establishing a blue bird trail, fly fishing on Captina Creek, tree identification, archery, canoeing, horseback riding, soil testing, water testing, caddisfly lab, macro invertebrate id, conservation day and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The progam will also provide id books, a t-shirt, water bottle, and a draw string bag.

The SWCD will hold a meetng about the progam for parents and children on May 19, from 6-7 p.m at 101 N. Market St., St. Clairsville. There will be discussions on the events planned, and the costs which will be involved. RSVP by May 16, to Belmont SWCD at (740) 526-0027.

The application period is open until June 12, and all applications can be mailed or dropped off at 101 N. Market St., St. Clairville, Ohio, 43950. Applications are available at the SWCD office.

The SWCD will award two scholarships which will cover the progam fee. A 500 word essay must be submittted. For additional information, call Liza Butler, Wildlife/Forestry Specialist, at (740) 526-0027.

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PET owners in Belmont County are reminded there will be Rabies Clinics on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday May 13, 14 and 15, at 6:30 p.m. Dr. Stephen will be at the Somerton Firehouse on May13 and at Belmont Mills in Belmont on May 15. On May 14, Dr. Digonno will be at the new fairgrounds in St. Clairsville. Cost for each pet is $10.

The final clinic will be held on Wednesday. May 21, with Dr. Digonno at the new fairgrounds in St. Clairsville.

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THE final Community Clean-up for 2014 will be held Satutday, May17 at the Richland Township Garage, on Warncok-St. Clairsville Road, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The JB GreenTeam and Richland Township Trustees are sponsoring the Clean-up. It is open to all Belmont County residents. For informaion, call (740) 296-5376.

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DAN LIMA, Belmont CountyExtension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resoures, from The Ohio State University Extension Service, will be out of the office from now until late September. He has been tasked by USAF Reserve Command to assist Operation Enduring Freedom by filling an Aeromedical Evac position at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. Mark Landefeld and the Belmont County Master Gardner’s will fill in for him while he is gone.

Prior to his leaving, Lima announced that Monroe County will have their plant swap on May 19, and the one in Belmont County will be held on June 3. He reminds everyone to listen to OSU Extension Radio 1170 AM Clear Channel on Sundays at 5 a.m.

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SATURDAY, May 17 is Armed Forces Day. May we always be grateful for the sacrifices our troops have made down through the years to protect our freedom and our way of life. We are a nation richly blessed because of what our service personnel have done for us. May God grant eternal rest to those who have died, and may He blesse those who are still with us.