School bells ringing for local schools

SCHOOL Bells are ringing once again….

Many schools in Belmont County will be in session this week and some will start next week. Regardless, another year of learning is underway. We wish our students and teachers a successful year , filled with many accomplishments,. We remind parents that is important for them to be a part of their children’s education. Impress on them the necessity to study and to do the best they can. Always remember that parents are the primary educators of their children and home is where the important lessons of life are learned.

The burden of getting the children up and ready for the school day falls on Mom. She must see that the children are well rested, properly dressed, fed and ready for the task ahead.

It is no easy task for Mom. Many times she has a full time job and also has to get ready for her day. She needs help from Dad and also from the children. We want to make our family life strong once again. It is something which has been lacking in recent years in our country. Perhaps the education process and who, and all that it involves, may be a good start in making things right again.

As we prepare our children for the school day, let us resolve to be there for them when they need us. When they get home from school, we must be there to ask them how the day went or if they had any problems. Be interested in their progress and talk to their teachers. If students see that their parents are interested in their education, they will tend to do better work.

Make certain they do their homework and show them by example the importance of reading good books. Get them into bed early because a good nights rest is very important.

Make the education process a three pronged project involving parents, teachers and students., Each has an important role to play in the process and if any one of them falters, the one who will suffer the most is the student. Remember always that our children are our most precious possession. They deserve the love and care of sacrificing parents.

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While students are returning to the classroom, safety is high on the the priority list of law enforcement agencies. They urge everyone to be extra careful especially in school zones and when students are getting on or off the buses.

Practice Safety at All Times is the advice given by law enforcement agencies. Motorists are advised to drive with caution in school zones. When the blinkers are on, you must observe the speed limit. No one should drive by a school bus when it is stopped or picking up or dropping off students.

Motorists can do their part by starting to think about school bus safety the moment their vehicle is started. They should allow for extra time when leaving home and be prepared for school bus stops.

When backing out of a garage or driveway, watch for children walking to the school bus. Students are urged to look in both directions before crossing the street to get on or off the bus.

Parents should impress on their children to not dart between parked vehicles. They are also instructed to make sure their children know their home phone number and address in case they need help.,

If children walk to and from school, parents should sit with them and plan the safest and quickest route. Make sure they know and understand what traffic lights and signals mean. Strongly instruct your children to never accept rides from strangers and to not talk to them.

Law enforcement officials are united in their wish for children, parents and teachers to have a safe and happy school year.

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KING FOOTBALL soon makes its return to the Ohio Valley. We wish all teams a successful season and we earnestly pray that no one will be seriously injured.

The Times Leader’s Annual Pigskin Preview will be published on Tuesday, Aug. 26. Make sure you get a copy so you can have all the latest information on your favorite team.

Autumn enthusiasts can look forward to a lot of football as college and pro teams will soon kick off their 2014 seasons. There is a lot of warm weather ahead. So until fall arrives in September, we urge everyone to get outside and enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

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THE Bridgeport Area Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a Karoke Contest and Steak Fry on Saturday, Sept. 6 from 6:30 p.m. It will be held on the Patio at the Nugget at 228 Main St, Bridgeport. You must be 21 years or older to participate in the Karoke Contest. Entry fee is $5. The first place winner takes all, the second and third place winners will each receive $25.

The menu includes a 12 ounce ribeye steak, baked potato, salad, dinner roll and dessert.You are asked to bring your own silveware and seasonings. Reservations are a must and tickets can be purchased at the Nugget until Sept. 4. Tickets are $12 each. They can be purchased at the door for $20. There will also be a 50-50 drawing. Music by DJ Ricko Rocks. For information call Ann Gallagher at (740) 391-4654.

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THE Sixth Annual Parents for Autism Community Education (PACE), 5K Race will be held in Bellaire at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 30, Approximately 300 walkers and runners are expected to participate. The course will run down Guernsey Street, up Belmont up to the north end of 48th Street and back down., The race will begin and end between the park and the high school.

Information on the race is available by calling (740) 676-5264 or you can download the application online at

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GIRLS from all over the Ohio Valley are reminded that the Annual Barnesville Pumpkin Festival Queen’s Pageant s will be held Sunday, Sept. 21. at 4 p.m. in the auditorium at Barnesville High School. Contestants can compete for the title of Queen, age 14-18, Princess age 10-13 and Mini Miss, ages 6-9.

For more information or to request a registration form, call (740) 391-9246 or (740) 238-1199. Deadline for pageant registration is Sep. 5.

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BE alert and don’t fall for scams.” That is the advice Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas has for county residents. Lucas said the sheriff’s office often receives calls from residents reporting alleged scams. “We can’t stress enough how important it is for them to hang up the phone immediately when they receive such calls and never give out information or answer questions,” Lucas said when such calls are received, residents should immediately report the incident to the sheriff’s office or the local police department.

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THE Belmont County Tourism Council has a new employee. She is Jackie DiPerna of Bethesda, She succeeds Debbie Carroll who retired after 29 years with the council. We met Jackie when she was employed at the Belmont County Clerk of Courts Office. We are confident she will do well at the tourism council office.