Brighter Christmas

THE OHIO Valley has done it once again. It always does.

It…is stepping up for those who need it. Such a scenario comes to the forefront during the holiday season.

Many families always find the going tough at Christmas. Day-to-day existence is difficult enough for countless area families, but attempting to make for a cheerful holiday for one’s children is especially taxing, if not impossible, without charitable organizations.

This year painted an extremely gloomy economic picture. Thus, the need was even greater for a larger number of individuals.

But we are proud to say that the Ohio Valley opened its hearts and wallets to deliver a rosier Christmas.

It was reported just prior to Christmas that the annual Toys for Tots drive — a valley hallmark — overcame a sluggish start to finish like a champion, meeting if not surpassing totals of years past.

That again speaks volumes of the fabric of Ohio Valley residents. Not that we needed any reinforcement on that mode of thinking.

Toys for Tots is just one avenue in which generous residents traveled to make for a happier Christmas.

The Caring Tree, Sharing Tree, The Urban Mission, The Salvation Army — to name just a few charitable efforts — all experienced a positive and heartwarming response from the public. What better gift to give than knowing you help make for a brighter Christmas for those in need.

We commend all those organizations and individuals who spearheaded fund-raising and toy-collecting drives. You should take great pride in the fact who make a difference in the lives of thousands.

For those who donated money and/or gifts, to such drives, we likewise extended our praise.

While Christmas has come and gone all too quickly, needy families still remain. We should not forget to aid their cause year-long, not just at Christmas.