Getting Healthy

WORKING TOGETHER to get in shape.

That worthwhile game plan is one being embraced in Tiger Town. It is one we believe makes sense.

The Shadyside Local School District, the village of Shadyside and Mead Township are exploring the possibility of forming a partnership to promote wellness. The plan centers on establishing a wellness room at Shadyside High School. It is hoped that the room can be furnished from equipment secured through a federal physical education program grant.

With such a premium being placed on good health and physical fitness, we feel such a proposal would serve the community quite well. Moreover, it would encompass young and old alike, as well as having the school district and two political entities joining forces for a common goal.

Such joint cooperation could lead to a myriad of shared projects which would benefit the township, school district and village alike.

A community room could host all types of programs and activities, while serving as a social hub.

The Shadyside school board is taking the project a step further. The BOE is creating a “community relations committee/village council liaison.” That person would be a pipeline for healthy dialogue and planning between the school system, the village and township.

While the school district may prove the major player in securing the equipment, the village and park district could supply the manpower to maintain it. All three would share responsibility, and all three would share the fruits of their labor.

Looking outside the box, Shadyside officials also look to bring the fitness and cultural trail into the wellness loop. The first mile of the multi-community river trail is targeted for completion this fall in Shadyside.

The Orange community has hit on a banner endeavor. We commend all those involved for their spirit of healthy cooperation.