Lucrative Learning

PROVIDING STUDENTS incentive for excelling in the classroom can come in many forms.

We give the one which played out Wednesday in Bellaire an A plus.

The fourth annual Bellaire Local History Scholarship presentations were staged at the public library. Three worthy Bellaire High students participated in the unique event.

The three Big Reds’ seniors — Brent Milovac, Kara Bobka and Trevor Bobka — competed for $3,000 in scholarship money. The theme of the project was the history of Bellaire, with all three students picking a specific topic from a jar. The selections were made several months ago, giving each ample time to do thorough research before embarking on their work.

Milovac’s topic was the railroad, Kara Bobka delved into Imperial Glass and Trevor Bobka focused on visits to Bellaire from famous people. All three are subject matters ingrained in the fabric of the All-American Town.

All three students did their homework well and made stellar presentations. All three left with scholarships in varying degrees. Just as importantly, all three left with a better understanding of the village in which they reside in.

The scholarships were a nice carrot to dangle in front of the students. Such learning catalysts are unique.

Making that a reality was the Bellaire Endowment Fund and corporate sponsor Country Club Retirement Campus. Their generosity and ingenuity made learning more enjoyable and more profitable.

We commend both on stepping up to aid education. We also praise the three students for making the most of their assignment.

We believe this innovative history project can serve as a blueprint for other school districts to become creative in the realm of academia.