Police Staffing

THE MARTINS Ferry Police Department is not being well received by lead-footed motorists these days.

Thanks to the prudent utilization of auxiliary police officers, the Martins Ferry police have been able to better patrol Ohio 7. As a result, significantly more speeding citations are being issued on a daily basis. Such has been the case for several weeks now.

The move may be viewed by motorists as a vehicle in which to collect additional revenue for the Ferry coffers. Beefed-up patrols, however, also yield safer roadways. No one can complain about safe travel.

Moreover, the new staffing arrangement has allowed the police department to tackle another long-standing nuisance area, that being the City Park. The site is a scenic one, getting even better with the help of the Martins Ferry Lions Club’s beautification projects.

However, the park has proven a haven for fights, vulgarity and vandalism, among other problems. The auxiliary police have now enabled officers to spend several more hours a night overseeing the area. Such a move will greatly reduce the aforementioned problems. With the summertime quickly approaching, the park will experience an increase in visitors, so the added patrols will make for a much more pleasant outing.

Ohio 7 and the park will continue to reap the benefits of the new scheduling. The staffing flexibility also makes it possible for the police force to undertake many new challenges not previously feasible.

The Martins Ferry Police Department has experienced more than its share of recent problems.

It is persevering, however, and to its credit, using wise use of its resources to provide the citizens of Martins Ferry the best service possible.