Ferry Tramwork

DREAMS CAN come true. A massive and costly project in Martins Ferry is proof positive.

A $500,000 renovation at City Park and Fodor Field was scoffed at by many as being nothing more than a pipe dream. Skeptics abounded, believing the work was too cost prohibitive.

Many of those disbelievers were silenced somewhat as work commenced Monday with the taking stock of the playground equipment. Work will heat up on Sept. 1.

The half-million dollar project is the brainchild of the Martins Ferry Lions Club, an organization which has done impressive civic-minded things in just a few years of existence. The Lions’ latest project is one that will prove a challenge financially but will also generate boundless community pride both during the construction stage as well upon completion.

The work will include the removal of the current playground equipment and the demolition of the asphalt currently in place.

After the playground area is graded, new equipment will be installed in October.

That will set the stage for work in the spring of 2012 with landscaping followed by the final — and costliest — phase of the project, that being installing amphitheater-style seating for Fodor Field.

The Martins Ferry Civics are also pitching in with some field upgrades, including new dugouts.

Once completed, Martins Ferry will boast a state-of-the-art facility, one that the entire Purple City can rally around.

A project of such scope would not be possible if not for widespread cooperation and generosity, topped by the Ferry Lions.

Martins Ferry Safety/Service Director John Davies is also stepping to the plate as he has opted to donate the services of his construction company for the initial demolition work.

Not to be lost in the shuffle is the passionate efforts of Vicky Capuano. The Lions’ Club member has been regarded as one of the driving forces of the project since its infancy.

We commend the aforementioned individuals for their dedicated efforts in their quest to make the project become a reality.

We also challenge the public to support the endeavor as much money is still needed to ensure the project comes to fruition.