Lack of Support

ANOTHER BELLAIRE levy, another rejection by All-American Town voters.

The most recent came Tuesday.

On the ballot was a request for operating expenses for a village in dire need of more revenue. It wasn’t palatable for Bellaire voters, however, who are becoming notorious for turning their collective backs on money requests.

Tuesday’s margin of defeat was decisive.

It comes on the heels of a spring defeat of a 1-percent tax issue for the Bellaire School District. It marked the third time the school district was rebuffed at the polls in its quest to escape the state loan fund.

The district has made massive cuts and retooled a food services program which had been hemorrhaging red ink. It is now profitable.

Bellaire voters have also in the last two years shot down a pair of levies seeking to generate money for an overworked and understaffed police department. The Bellaire police force has a tough clientele to oversee and does so efficiently despite its funding shortcomings.

Voter approval Tuesday could have proved helpful to police operations.

The Bellaire electorate has two school issues awaiting it in November. Another try at the 1-percent tax issue and a renewal levy.

Placing two school funding requests on the same ballot is rolling the dice, especially in Bellaire.

Bellaire is a town and school district both in need of more funding.

The ballot box offers that opportunity.

Bellaire voters either fail to realize that or simply do not care.