Staying Dry

COUNTY FAIRS are ingrained in the fabric of the Ohio Valley.

The annual events are a drawing card for people of all ages, including the young of age and heart. That being the case, we like the stance of Eastern Ohio fair boards.

Ohio State Fair officials announced that beer sales were being permitted at certain locations during this year’s event. Local fair directors, however, are opting to stay dry.

We applaud our local county fair boards for taking their stance, as they refuse to compromise the atmosphere of their respective events for the sake of making extra money. Their integrity and vision far outweigh the financial gains they are forgoing.

The Belmont County Fair Board has adhered to a dry policy for 30 years. Board members have discussed the possibility of beer sales but cherish more the “spirit and purpose of the event” than becoming a temporary bar. We support that ideal.

The Harrison and Jefferson County fair boards have also talked about, and subsequently rejected, the idea of beer sales. The issue is a moot one in Monroe County as the fair is staged in a dry township, making such a plan an impossibility.

We find it refreshing and reassuring that all local county fair boards are on the same page on such a controversial proposal.

When thinking of county fairs, thoughts turn toward animals, 4-H clubs, youngsters and rides. Beer doesn’t enter the picture.

We agree with our local fair officials: keep them family affairs. That is something you cannot put a price on.