Daily Bread

TEAMWORK PERSONIFIED has resulted in a new and much-needed outreach center opening its doors.

The Daily Bread Center officially unveiled its operations Thursday night in Martins Ferry. It began servicing the city in August. The center’s opening climaxes a long and often-times bumpy journey.

Daily Bread will provide food and comfort to those in need.

The center is the brainchild of Rev. David Stammerjohn from the First Presbyterian Church. While he was a visionary in the venture, it was by no means a one-person undertaking, which he commenced last November.

Rev. Stammerjohn took his idea to the other churches in Martins Ferry. His plan was widely — and appropriately — accepted. A committee was formed to lay the foundation for what came to fruition this past month.

The Daily Bread Center consolidates all the food pantries in the city under one umbrella. Consequently, it is better suited to serve the ever-growing needs of under-nourished residents.

The Daily Bread Center’s impact is reflected in its first-month totals. The pantry served 194 families and 571 individuals. All told, almost 5,000 meals were served in one month’s time.

Those numbers smack bittersweet.

It is heartwarming to know that people down on their luck were treated to hot and nutritious meals. What is disturbing is that such a staggering number needs help. Unfortunately, that number may continue to grow.

The Daily Bread Center is able to secure food at reduced prices or, on rare occasions, free. Still it needs community support.

We commend those who put their collective, heads, hearts and work ethic together to make the center a reality. We also urge anyone who can help the center’s cause to do so.