Green Team

MAKING A difference is a theme definitely in vogue these days. Count the JB Green Team as one entity that is certainly making a difference.

The Jefferson and Belmont counties-based organization is a shaker and mover in the realm of recycling. JB Green Team — a solid waste management district — is leaving a cleaner and more environmental imprint in the two counties.

Under state mandate, Jefferson and Belmont counties formed the Jefferson-Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority in 1989.

In its more than two-plus decades of operation, the district has taken the lead in recycling efforts for the two-county region, yielding a cleaner landscape while also distributing thousands of dollars in grant funding to organizations that have aided the cause.

The solid waste authority changed its official moniker to JB Green Team earlier this year. While the name has changed, the Green Team continues to be visible and productive with its recycling operations and services.

The Green Team is responsible for implementing a solid waste management plan designed to achieve the goals set forth by the Ohio EPA for waste reduction, recycling and reducing reliance on land filling waste generated within the two counties. It is funded through tipping fees generated by landfills and transfer stations in the district.

Subsequently, JB utilizes that money by implementing programs for businesses, industry and residents of Jefferson and Belmont counties.

Just this week, JB Green Team went high profile again, replacing recycling bins with six-yard load containers which will yield enhanced efficiency. The first container was put in place at St. Clairsville St. Mary’s School.

A day later, the Green Team announced it has expended $1.25 million on the purchase of three new recycler packing trucks and 370 recycling containers. JB also opened a new recycling site in Steubenville.

JB Green Team also gives back to the community. A total of 27 community-award grants of $1,000 or less and 12 recycling initiative competitive funding grants of between $1,001 and $5,000 were awarded earlier this year. All told, JB Green Team doled out $83,000 in grant funding.

Moreover, in 2010, local schools were recipients of some $80,000 from the JB Green Team.

JB Green Team is big business to say the least. Its operations provide a win-win scenario: A cleaner Eastern Ohio and distributing money to organizations that champion the recycling cause.

Not to be overlooked is the role local residents play in the JB Green Team success.

Thanks to their ever-increasing focus on the benefits of recycling, the Green Team is experiencing greener pastures.