Harmony House

BELMONT COUNTY recently became home to a full-service child advocacy center. It will mean a safe haven for children in desperate need of such.

Harmony House officially opened its door late last month, located just outside of St. Clairsville. Its becoming a reality is a testament to the determination and fortitude of a group of county officials who realize the importance of such a facility.

Harmony House’s existence was placed in jeopardy by the defeat of a levy which would help provide funding for the project. Harmony House visionaries, however, enlisted a coalition of support from the county commissioners, Department of Jobs and Family Services and the Board of Developmental Disabilities to keep the dream alive.

And that they did.

The BCC stepped up in major fashion by providing space for the new center at a cost of $1 per year while also assisting with equipment.

Additional funding continues to be a priority in keeping Harmony House afloat. It is registered as a charity, making donations tax deductible. We encourage support for the center as statistics bear out the need for it.

Since this June alone, the advocacy center has assisted more than 40 children and has seen nearly 120 clients while also providing 13 medical assessments.

The services administered by Harmony House are free, confidential and vital to the well being of countless individuals.

Unfortunately, the need for Harmony House will always exist, as that is just the nature of today’s society.

Harmony House is a beacon of hope in a sea of abuse.

We commend those who turned a dream into an oasis of safety and we challenge the public to support the cause.