Ohio Valley Caring

THE OHIO Valley is a compassionate and caring venue. Those two qualities are why it is such an endearing place to raise a family.

Valley residents will once again have the opportunity to exhibit that fact this week as two worthwhile events are staged.

Tonight, the Martins Ferry High volleyball team is holding a fundraiser to aid a 2010 Purple Rider grad dealing with medical issues. Meanwhile, on Friday and Saturday, the Bridgeport Rotary Club is teaming up with Riesbeck’s Food Market in holding a food drive.

Both endeavors reinforce the fiber of the valley. We always — regardless of the cause — step up to assist our neighbors in need.

At Martins Ferry Tuesday, the Lady Riders volleyball team is using its annual “Volley for a Cure” to assist Kylie Clark, a former standout volleyball and softball player with the Lady Riders. Clark has been saddled with health problems and is undergoing radiation treatments and chemotherapy.

Gate receipts from tonight’s game against rival Bellaire as well as proceeds from a t-shirt sale will be donated to help Kylie deal with mounting medical bills. We commend the Purple Rider Nation for coming to the aid of one of their own when needed most.

THE FOOD drive, meanwhile, has been in the works for two years.

Its goal is to make sure no one in the area goes hungry during the fall and winter months. The goal is an ambitious one but one we hope comes to fruition.

The food pantry served 1,448 families last year. That speaks volumes of the need in the Ohio Valley as well as the good being done by one local organization.

Riesbeck’s is providing $5 and $10 bags of groceries that customers will have an opportunity to purchase and donate to the food drive. We hope it meets with resounding success.

We are confident that both charitable efforts will be embraced by Ohio Valley residents. They have a long and impressive track record of generosity.