We Need Coal

PRESIDENT BARACK Obama is a staunch clean air advocate. That is reinforced emphatically by new regulations his administration is proposing.

We agree with President Obama that clean air is a good and healthy thing. Unfortunately, Obama’s latest proposals, should they come to fruition, will again do much harm to the Ohio Valley.

The regulations being bandied about by the president target the coal industry and coal-fire powered plants. Obama has proven during his White House tenure to be no friend of coal. His latest game plan unfortunately underscores that anti-Ohio Valley stance.

Obama’s plan is a double-edged whammy.

Not only does it negatively impact the coal industry, it proves an unnecessary burden to an already struggling national economy. Some estimates say the regulations, if enacted, would cost $1 billion annually.

Moreover, Obama is pushing an Environmental Protection Agency rule dealing with smog which brings with it a $19 billion to $90 billion additional albatross to the economy.

We see that as too costly of a price to pay, even if the coal business wasn’t impacted. With the national deficit hemorrhaging red ink, expensive government regulations only add fuel to the financial fire.

Fortunately, cooler heads are trying to prevail.

US House Republicans are leading the charge against Obama’s ill-advised regulations. The GOP understands they would eliminate jobs and damage the economy.

We align ourselves with the Republican mode of thinking.

Coal holds the key an an Ohio Valley revival. In addition, the national economy cannot take on extra baggage, as proposed by Obama.