Hunger Pains

NOT HAVING enough to eat is a sobering scenario. It most often associated with Third World countries.

Unfortunately, hunger resides in the Ohio Valley. To its credit, the Harrison Hills City School District is doing its part to remedy the situation in its own piece of the world.

A recent survey revealed that Harrison Hills is home to a very disturbing statistic, that is 34 percent of the children in the district are impacted by the lack of food. In fact, Harrison County ranks in the top 10 of counties at risk with youth-hunger issues.

That is a number that alarmingly hits home and one that needs corrected.

Thanks to a three-pronged effort, the hunger problem is being targeted, both in a timely fashion and with major thrust. The assistance cannot come soon enough.

To combat hunger, Harrison Hills Schools, Mid-Ohio Foodbank and the Muskingum Chapter of the American Red Cross teamed up this week for the first in a bi-monthly Mobile Market mission.

The humanitarian undertaking is a worthwhile one as a free food distribution will be held the second and fourth Thursday each month and is open to residents who fall under federal poverty guidelines.

The giveaway will be able to assist 130 families. While that may not feed all those in need, it is a sizable start.

Harrison Hills students are also doing their part to ensure a successful relief effort, as they are volunteering to be on hand at the distribution.

Harrison Hills Superintendent Dr. George Ash said, “It is alarming that this issue is hitting right in our own backyard.” He added, “No one should have to be hungry, especially our children.”

Dr. Ash is correct.

Hunger is a painful problem. We are pleased to see a concerted effort to help lessen it in one area of Eastern Ohio.