Occupy Wall Steet

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon for the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City, but the effectiveness of the protest remains to be seen.

In fact, the protest that has been going on for four weeks now is costing New York City money. This week, the New York Police Department revealed that it has spent $1.9 million – mostly in overtime for officers on duty to maintain order in the area near Zuccotti Park, where hundreds of protesters have set up camp over the past several weeks.

However, the effort is raising awareness and grabbing the attention of people nationwide. The focus of the cause can be debated, but the bottom line is this: People are tired of big business getting bailed out while the rest of the nation continues to struggle.

Protesters represent the “99 percent” of Americans who are attempting to hold the feet of the “1 percent” of the nation’s wealthiest people to the fire. According to many of those who have taken to the streets, that wealthy “1 percent” controls big business, greatly influences the government and is rarely held responsible for fiscal disasters that affect us all.

With the effectiveness of social media, organizing the masses has become easier – regardless of the cause. And that seems to be why this current movement has remained somewhat unfocused. People seem to be joining the march without knowing why they’re protesting. It’s taken on a life of its own, and it is attracting many more people eyeing it as the thing to do. For those who have time to stand up and make a statement, Occupy Wall Street continues to take place in New York City, and it’s branching out to many other cities across the country.

This movement is just starting to pick up momentum, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. We hope these demonstrations remain peaceful and that officials allow these people to exercise their right to gather and speak out.

It comes down to one concept: People are disgruntled over the weak economy, and middle class America is tired of being the victim. The only way the economy is going to turn around is if those who have the money spend it wisely and make investments that will create jobs and get the wheels turning again. The majority of American’s can’t help stimulate the economy, because we’re already spending every dollar we have – we’re just getting must less for it than we used to get.