Buckeye Snafu

WHY GO looking for problems?

The Buckeye Local Board of Education is doing just that for no good reason.

The problem stems from its employment of a new girls’ head softball coach. The board opted to hire a well-qualified coach. The fly in the ointment, however, is that he is not employed as a teacher in the district, and another candidate for the post is.

That candidate is current athletic director Sam Jones. Moreover, Jones is qualified to take over the head softball duties as he previously served as an assistant coach to Barry Closser for numerous years. During that time, the Lady Panthers experienced a most successful run.

The board of education defended its decision by saying it did not want Jones to be “overwhelmed’ in his role as athletic director, as he is a relative newcomer to the position.

We take issue with such thinking.

Jones has distinguished himself as an efficient and accountable athletic director. His full-time athletic director’s duties will become even easier with every passing year.

Void of classroom responsibilities, we see no problem with Jones being able to do double duty.

One Belmont County athletic director serves as head football coach, while another is an assistant basketball coach with a full class load.

Softball is a short season, proving little drain on a coach’s time.

We have no doubt Jones could easily take on coaching responsibilities without skipping a beat as athletic director. With his coaching experience and familiarity with the program, Jones would have a seamless transition.

The Buckeye Local Board of Education action in this realm is reckless. Arbitration will be needed to resolve the situation, which will cost time and money, and with Jones holding the upper hand.

We take the Buckeye Local BOE to task for dropping the ball on what should have been a no-brainer of a hire.