New Housing

A WIN-WIN business deal is playing out in Bridgeport.

Village council Tuesday night passed the third and final reading of an amendment that would result in a new business venture for the community.

It is one, when it comes to fruition, would be a financial shot-in-the-arm to both the village as well as the Bridgeport Exempted School District.

When the school district moved into its new complex in Wolfhurst a few years back, the former high school and middle school buildings were razed and the land laid dormant.

That unused property is now being targeted for worthwhile purposes. Village council is in the process of changing the zoning designation to business and residential.

When that change becomes reality, a local home building firm wants to purchase the property. Alan D. Baker’s construction company would subsequently build single-family homes on the site.

The move makes sense for all involved.

It is one village council members should give its blessings to and expedite in timely fashion, as the benefits are immeasurable.

The school district and village will both pick up some much-needed revenue immediately. Both also can benefit down the road through additional taxes and new students matriculating to Bridgeport schools.

Also, nice affordable housing will become available in a safe neighborhood.

We embrace the development plan now being put in place and urge village officials to move the project along as quickly as possible.