Jack Cera

QUALITY LEGISLATORS are like eagles. You don’t find them in a flock but rather flying solo.

In these days of political gridlock and stagnating partisanship, both on the state and national levels, politicians with an open mind, fresh approach and a willingness to give and take with the opposite party are a rare commodity.

Constituents in the Ohio 95th House District are fortunate to have such a representative.

Jack Cera was sworn into that vacant post Wednesday. The Bellaire native fills the seat formerly occupied by Lou Gentile, who moved over to the Ohio Senate, replacing Jason Wilson, who recently received an appointment from Gov. John Kasich.

Gentile, exhibited quality leadership and a voluminous work ethic, during his short stay in the Ohio House. We are confident his political expertise will continue to blossom in the state Senate.

Cera, meanwhile, brings a wealth of experience and savvy to his new challenge, despite being out of politics for 15 years. During that time, he has stayed connected with the current happenings of the district while serving in several capacities.

During his time in the Ohio General Assembly, Cera was a well-respected and open-minded legislator. He was able to work in positive fashion with members on both sides of the aisle.

We expect Cera to hit the ground running, resuming a productive legislative career.

The Bellaire High and Brown University graduate championed the cause of his constituents in splendid fashion during his initial decade-and-a-half tenure. We are of the belief that Cera, after a short transitionary period, will again be a loud and clear voice, speaking out in our best interests.