Still Time to Help

TIME IS drawing short for Christmas shoppers. Just 11 days remain until that special day arrives.

While this season is festive and upbeat, it also can prove hectic and filled with anxiety. Shopping, for some individuals, yields concern for the lack of time and a lack of resources.

Regardless, it is still a time of the year which most people relish and cling to. Unfortunately, most is not all.

The Ohio Valley is home to countless families in need in varying degrees. Such a plight is magnified during the holidays.

While many are thinking about what they can get for that special person or what they might receive under the tree, too many in the Ohio Valley have to battle to make ends meet on a daily basis. For such families who have children, their financial problems take on added significance. Daily survival is enough of a task to deal with, let alone providing gifts for the young.

Fortunately, the Ohio Valley is characterized by caring, generous and compassion. While not overflowing with financial wealth, the local area is rich in old-school values.

We genuinely care about the well-being of our neighbors.

That being the case, those aforementioned attributes are being called into play this holiday season. We all can help those in dire need of a boost as a host of options present themselves.

Caring and sharing trees abound throughout the valley, many with gift tags still on their respective branches. That means some children may go toyless Christmas morning.

The Toys for Tots campaign can always use more donations as is the case with such places as the Salvation Army, food cupboards, coat closets and soup kitchens. There is no end of opportunities to aid those who need assistance.

We wish all our readers a merry Christmas and urge them to do whatever they can to make Christmas merrier for someone who might not otherwise be so fortunate.