Building a Future

IT WOULD have been impossible for Tiltonsville officials to meet the famous Roman orator and scholar Marcus Tullius Cicero who lived from 106 B.C. to 43 B.C., but they unknowingly took his advice.

Cicero once noted, “Before beginning, prepare carefully.”

The officials in Tiltonsville prepared carefully as they reached a decision in 2011 to buy a former bank building for use as a municipal building. The structure was purchased from The Citizens Bank, which has a new facility in the village.

Initially, it was necessary for village officials to check their finances to see if the purchase was feasible. During the latter part of 2011, Mayor Jerry Vinci indicated the village was fine in that regard, adding officials didn’t have to pay a lot of money outright. “We think it’s a chance to leave something for the future,” he added.

The village is to pay $5,000 a year for 10 years. Vinci said the bank financed it for the village and took care of expenses.

Then, converting the structure into a municipal building took preparation. Much of the work, which began during the latter part of 2011, was done by village employees.

Village council is to hold its first meeting in the new building on Grandview Avenue Tuesday, Jan. 17.

One area also could be used as a community meeting room in the future, according to Vinci.

The village’s former city building had been in use for more than half a century.

ACQUIRING a new building for the village’s operations wasn’t the only benefit related to the new location.

Vinci said bank officials gave the village an adjacent lot, which could be used for parking or could be sold. In addition, the bank left office furniture, a computer system and other equipment for the village’s use.

The mayor said the equipment is worth thousands of dollars.

IT ISN’T often that a municipality begins to conduct its business in a new city building, but Tiltonsville officials should be congratulated for taking a major step of benefit to the village.

An open house will be held possibly in late February so others can view the new facility.