Iowa Fallout


Such are the words of Rick Santorum following his strong second-place showing in Tuesday’s GOP voting in Iowa. The former Pennsylvania senator came within an eyelash of beating out favorite Mitt Romney for the top spot.

We believe Santorum, however, my be overly optimistic in his chances of gaining the Republican nomination for presidency. We regard him as still a longshot at best to wrestle the nomination away from a thinning GOP field.

Santorum, to his credit, finished campaigning in the Hawkeye State with a incredible flourish, coming from nowhere to gain nearly 25 percent of the votes. As the primary campaign begins to heat up, Iowa may prove his high water mark. Santorum is likely to came up short in the realm of substance, resources and networking to be a viable threat the balance of the stumping season.

The Iowa results may have a widespread telling effect on the roller-coaster Republican race.

It took Michele Bachmann less than a day to see the light. The Minnesota representative, after a quick campaign getaway, failed to maintain traction in her candidacy. She opted to step aside and instead champion causes rather than to carry on.

Gov. Rick Perry is heading back to Texas to reassess his bid following a weak fifth-place showing Tuesday. After an early splash, his campaign has quickly spiraled downward over the course of the past month. It may be prudent for Perry to save time, money and energy to end his Oval Office quest.

He is not alone in his quandary.

Newt Gingrich, meanwhile, is a poster boy for the Republican race. He came from nowhere to wax red-hot to struggling again. The former Speaker of the U.S. House has been hurt by negative personal attacks. Consequently, his nomination cause is leaking serious oil.

Then there is Ron Paul. The Texas legislator has found new support, albeit likely fleeting, propelling him to a solid third-place showing in Iowa. Like Santorum, Iowa may be his claim to campaigning fame.

The primary rhetoric is just commencing. It will be a long and twisting road to the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August. When the confetti finally settles at the GOP confab, Romney is odds-on favorite to be party’s standard-bearer.