Righting A Wrong

TUESDAY’S MEETING of St. Clairsville City Council was not your run-of-the-mill session.

Far from it.

For Jill Lucidi, it may prove to be a life-changing event.

By a 4-3 vote, council members opted not to return Lucidi to her position as St. Clairsville’s finance director. It is a post she has held for 17 years. It is also one we feel she has filled with expertise.

That being the case, we were more than mildly surprised by council’s rebuff of Lucidi. We were of the belief she, like Mayor Robert Vincenzo, were fixtures within the St. Clairsville government.

Four council members, however, had other ideas. We hope the quartet of anti-Lucidi votes were not triggered by personal agendas.

St. Clairsville has been the measuring stick for smooth fiscal operations. Until a year ago, St. Clairsville was the only city in Ohio not to impose an income tax. Tough economic conditions forced the hilltop community to enact a tax, which was abrasive to many city taxpayers.

Lucidi should not be held accountable for the imposition of the tax. It was not of her doing.

Some say Lucidi’s axing was a statement against Mayor Vincenzo. We don’t put stock in that as the long-time mayor was re-elected in November by a landslide margin over two foes. That overwhelming support at the polls speaks volumes of his high regard on the hilltop and throughout the Ohio Valley.

No one performs their respective jobs flawlessly, Lucidi included. But we believe she has played a major role in the St. Clairsville success story. Lucidi brings consistency, continuity and experience to the job in addition to her invaluable knowledge.

We strongly urge those four council members who nixed Lucidi’s re-appoinment to reconsider their votes, or reveal their reasons for opposition.