Floating Ideas

THE MARTINS Ferry community cherishes its municipal swimming pool.

That became obvious Tuesday night when a strong turnout of individuals exchanged ideas at a park district board meeting.

The rumor that the pool may not open this summer was floating through town. Such a notion struck a nerve with many townspeople.

Tuesday’s meeting was positive in nature.

First and foremost, it was noted the pool will open this summer. That is a good and necessary thing.

Secondly, a heavy dose of ideas and proposals were exchanged on the future of the facility. Communication is also a good thing.

A couple of hurdles were cleared immediately to get the pool up and running this summer.

New ladders were needed. Enter St. Clairsville Memorial Park officials. Allen Pool in St. C. just replaced its ladders, leading to a donation of its old ones to Martins Ferry.

The Ferry pool is also in need of a handicap accessible portable chair, which cost in excess of $3,600. No problem as Mayor Paul Riethmiller noted city council would cover it.

Such cooperation will unlock the pool’s doors come late spring.

Now the big question turns longterm.

Many ideas are being bandied about. They include a competition pool, a 25X25 slide pool and an indoor facility.

Any of the aforementioned proposals would be a major upgrade and a feather in the cap to the City of Martins Ferry.

Obviously, money becomes the issue. A indoor facility would be the costliest approach, needing as much as a million dollars to construct.

The meeting also yielded a committee being formed to map possible options.

Regardless of what avenue the committee opts to pursue, renovating the current pool or constructing a state-of-the-art facility is pivotal to the continued growth of the city’s blossoming recreational venues.