Targeting Crime

COOPERATION AND teamwork are facilitators of success.

That was brought to the forefront again this week when Belmont County Prosecutor Chris Berhalter held a press conference to announce indictments against five individuals, encompassing 15 counts of burglary and related counts of breaking and entering and receiving stolen property.

The arrests could not have come to fruition without large doses of selfless cooperation and teamwork.

Joining hands to make that happen were the Martins Ferry Police Department and the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation featured countless manpower hours, spearheaded by Martins Ferry Sgt. Chip Ghent. Ghent’s exhaustive probing, aided by his Ferry compatriots, was buoyed by assistance and shared information from the sheriff’s office.

Trading pertinent facts from cases and interviews from each other’s respective jurisdictions help to compile enough substantial evidence to lead to the massive arrests.

Without the teamwork, isolated investigations may not have spawned such a result. It would have, at best, obviously taken much longer to play out.

The foundation has hopefully been poured for the continued sharing of resources among law enforcement agencies throughout the entire Ohio Valley. It is no secret that tough economic conditions yield increased crimes, often times violent in nature.

That being the case, it makes sense that when law agencies work together they have a much better chance of reaching their intending goals.

We commend the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office and the Martins Ferry Police Department for their concerted effort to round up a host of burglary suspects. We also hope such efforts continue.