Opening Doors

MARCH IS a month that is often associated with the transition from winter to spring.

Of greater significance is that March also serves as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. It is an observance national in scope.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is also the time to heighten public awareness of the talents and potential that people with disabilities truly possess. It is also an opportunity for everyone to embrace individuals’ challenges in addition to their similarities.

A kick-off event was staged at the Statehouse in Columbus Thursday. It sets the foundation for a month-long spotlight on the positives that often would otherwise get overlooked.

People dealing with developmental disabilities are enjoying more freedom and more opportunities than ever. More and more businesses are employing individuals with such disabilities.

Those employers discover that they have hired workers who personify dedication, reliability and accountability. Once given the chance, those employees relish their position and open the doors for more developmental disabled citizens to get their same chance.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month helps remove the stigma of disability.

It can also go a long way in increasing education awareness which would lead to an improved quality of life for those with developmental disabilities.

In years past, such individuals were shunned and/or cast aside. That is the case no longer. Rather, they are experiencing new and exciting options.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month helps accentuate those gains.