Spring Cleaning

They were going green in Belmont County this weekend, and it wasn’t just because of St. Patrick’s Day.

The JB Green Team’s annual community cleanups kicked off in Belmont County on Saturday, and those who got a jump on early spring cleaning came out in full force to take advantage of the popular program.

With sunny skies and a high of around 82 degrees, the last weekend of winter this year capped a highly unusual streak of unseasonably warm weather. Folks were out in shorts and T-shirts, and many of them were ready to tackle some spring cleaning.

In fact, the warm stretch we’ve experienced had allowed many people to get a head start on cleaning out old junk from their properties, as was shown by the truckloads of trash collected in Fairpoint in Saturday for the Wheeling and Union townships’ community cleanup.

Once again, youth from the county’s C-CAP program were on hand to help with the cleanup. These young people, crews from the townships and all the other volunteers truly help make the collections a huge success each and every year.

Each cleanup collects dumpsters full of trash, old furniture, tires and other items people want to discard. JB Green Team covers the costs of properly disposing of these items. This year the collections also include electronic recycling, or “e-cycling.”

Several other community cleanups will take place throughout the spring in the coming weeks at different locations across Belmont County. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this great service.

Hats off the JB Green Team, those from the townships, the C-CAP kids and all the volunteers who help make the annual community cleanups a success. And of course, we applaud everyone in the community who makes the extra effort to clean up their properties. Those who take pride in their properties and their neighborhoods help inspire others in the community to do the same.