Belmont College

A HUGE dose of good news arrived on the Belmont College doorsteps this week.

The facility of higher education, which for years was known as Belmont Technical College, is receiving $6 million in state funding. It will be used to construct a state-of-the-art Health Sciences building.

All told, construction will cost $9.1 million. The college’s heirarchy is mapping a game plan on how to raise the balance of funding needed to make the worthwhile endeavor come to fruition.

The building project reinforces the school’s focus on the future. A name change is one way to set a new course for the school, adding a $9 million academic structure is an emphatic exclamation point.

The expansion project will enhance the school’s commitment to its popular Allied Health program. Once completed, the building will house state-of-the-art classrooms and science labs for biology, anatomy and chemistry that will expand learning opportunities.

The project will obviously provide Belmont College a shot-in-the-arm. But the benefits are not limited to the college itself.

The other big winners in this scenario are local students looking for a quality post-high school education without traveling far from home. Improved facilities spawn a better academic product. Subsequently, Belmont College graduates will become more marketable.

The $6 million package could not have been possible without support from our Eastern Ohio legislators. Jack Cera, Lou Gentile, Al Landis, Andy Thompson and Troy Balderson all receive our kudos for helping channel the funding to help a local entity.

We congratulate Belmont College on its good fortune and wish it well in its $3 million fundraising efforts.