Famous Americans

SEEING Sacajawea, Benjamin Franklin and Johnny Cash all in one place would be impossible, at least on this Earth.

It was, however, possible to see students representing these individuals and others who became well-known in our nation as a result of the Sixth Grade Famous American Fair held recently at the Union Local Middle School.

Not only was the fair colorful, but it helped students and others to gain more knowledge about famous people from the past as well as some from the present. Bill Gates doesn’t have much in common with Ulysses S. Grant, but both were among those represented.

So was Woody Hayes, who might have scared a few of Ohio State’s football opponents, but he didn’t instill the same kind of fear as Stephen King. Among the others represented were trailblazers – but in different ways – Daniel Boone, Nellie Bly, Henry Ford, Wilbur Wright and Thomas Edison.

THINK of how much fun it must have been for the 108 sixth graders as they decided on one of the personages and then made plans on how to illustrate that individual and to wear an outfit representing that person.

It undoubtedly involved some help from parents, especially in regard to the outfits.

Not only do the students and their families deserve accolades, but a lot of credit also goes to the sixth grade teachers including Sheryl Sonk, Jill Butts, Marie Compston, Linda Ellis, Greg Miller and Melissa Steadman. Other school officials and employees also cooperated in the fair, which has been a highlight for several years at Union Local.

The sixth grader teachers noted on this year’s program that they are very proud of the students, noting they “worked very hard on their informational reports, costumes and display boards.”

Students undoubtedly benefited from others’ projects as they viewed display boards, and the costumes also made quite an impression.

THE FAMOUS American Fair helped the students to get along famously by having fun while learning.