Green Windfall

THE?JB?Green?Team Board of Trustees was cast in the role of Santa Claus this week.

The Jefferson?County/Belmont County-based entity announced grants exceeding $82,000.

The board handed out 49 grants to local governments and organizations for promotion of recycling, reuse of recycled material and community cleanup activities. It doesn’t end there.

The Green Team also passed out 32 Community Award grants and 17 Recycling Initiative Competitive Funding grants.

The community grants top out at?$1,000 while the recycling grants range between $1,001 and $5,000.

We commend the JB Green Team for such a large amount of money being distributed as well as assisting so many recipients. The money is given in hopes to enhance the Green Team’s goals of reduce, recycle and reuse. Such a scenario makes for a win-win scenario.

The JB?Green Team’s cash giveaway goes another step further. Local schools and non-profit groups also receive awards.?All told, the JB?Green?Team will provide more than $175,000 to schools, local governments and non-profit organizations in 2012.

That is an impressive amount of money to distribute, all going to deserving recipients.

Not to be overlooked is another big winner, that being our environment. Through JB Green?Team’s passionate efforts, we live in cleaner and healthier surroundings.

  • We commend all those who make all the above a reality.