Red Meat

With Rick Santorum out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, political watchers across the nation seem to be salivating for a fight.

Santorum and GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney set the tone for this 2012 election year by throwing off the gloves and going at each other, taking shots at one another to the point where arguably got personal. Now that Santorum has suspended his campaign, the “road to the White House” has suddenly seemed unrecognizable by the national media that apparently had gotten used to a much more muddy road.

But when the waters calm, it’s the easiest time to make waves.

The national press has an uncanny knack for this, and when they’re hungry for drama, it doesn’t take much for them to initiate something on which everyone can chew – whether they want to or not. For example, we have the breaking news about President Obama’s advance team of Secret Service personnel allegedly arguing with overseas prostitutes over payment issues. This embarrassing nugget became a required topic for discussion when interviewing the GOP’s heavy hitters this weekend.

Another piece of battle fodder surfaced after Democratic pundit Hilary Rosen’s failed jab at Romney was misdirected at his wife, but it was Rosen, not Ann Romney, who felt the blow. In a nationally broadcast political discussion, Rosen criticized Romney for always referring to his wife for insight on how women are being affected to today’s economic issues. Rosen noted that Ann Romney has “never worked a day in her life” and was a ridiculous source of reference for this topic. Regardless how valid Rosen’s point was (without mentioning Ann Romney’s two Mercedes) the jab came off as more of an attack on all stay-at-home moms.

Her statements were even condemned by the Obama administration, and Rosen has since apologized for her gaffe.

During the last presidential election, it wasn’t until the GOP nominee was named and the Republican convention saw newly named vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin finally throw out the red meat to her peers’ delight.

In fact, Palin’s razor-tongued assault on Barack Obama during her speech at the 2008 GOP convention was what truly launched her into political superstardom.

But for now, the race for the GOP nod is technically still trudging along, so we’re just going to have to keep egging on the fight between Romney and Obama until it actually – and inevitably – erupts.