WE LIKE what an ambitious group of Powhatan Point residents are embarking on. That being laying the groundwork to revitalize the southern Belmont County community.

Powhatan Point, like many Eastern Ohio communities, has felt the loss of a viable steel industry, stringent EPA regulations and the recent recession. Such factors take a toll on any community.

But Powhatan residents are a resilient bunch. A village contingent has organized in a quest to revitalize the community.

The Powhatan Point Revitalization Association has been established to champion that cause. It met earlier this month to select officers and organize.

The PPRA, as it is known, has a lot to offer.

Powhatan Point is scenic community that features an active business environment and space to add more. Bordering the Ohio River can only help future development.

Powhatan is also home to a multi-million dollar school currently under construction.

That project will result in the current Powhatan Elementary School building available for other productive uses.

The PPRA is also planning to promote the village as a destination area to visit and bring in tourism, develop the downtown area and support the development of oil and gas in the area.

The group wants to develop Powhatan Point and bring revenue back to the area.

We believe that is an attainable undertaking.

Powhatan Point’s greatest attribute is its residents. The community is comprised of hard-working, community-minded and generous individuals. We have faith their revitalization efforts will become reality.