Safer Schools

SCHOOLS were once a haven of safety. They were centers of learning in a peaceful environment.

The learning continues these days but in a much different landscape. Violence has reared its ugly all too often all across the country in the world of academia. Bomb scares, bullying and widespread drug use have infiltrated our sacred halls of education.

Such disturbing activity has become the norm rather than the exception.

That is why we like what St. Clairsville schools have implemented recently.

Superintendent Walt Skaggs has unveiled a new safety service for his district. It is one that make sense and protects his students and staff from undesirable behavior.

School Hotline in now in place in St. Clairsville schools. It takes aim against issues that may prove troublesome to students.

The hotline enables anyone — students, their parents, staff or communuty members — to report potential threats of violence, bullying, gang activity, drug use, sexual harassment or any other issue — to report such issues anonymously. It is a basic concept which may yield countless benefits.

A toll free number (855-617-0280) is available for anyone wishing to report a problem to administrators. The caller’s phone number is not captured on the call, keeping the messenger anonymous. No other information is needed, which will entice more individuals to make use of the hotline. More callers will help district officials deal with existing problems or head them off before they take root.

Skaggs notes that it takes just one call to prevent a child from being hurt. We agree.

The St. C. School Hotline is a common sense approach to enhancing school safety. We commend Skaggs and district officials for being proactive when it comes to the well-being of the students and staff.