Splintered Team

THE JB Green Team is spreading much good throughout Jefferson and Belmont counties.

Unfortunately, it is also a house divided.

That became perfectly clear during its board meeting Monday night in Wintersville, when the board of trustees’ chairwoman tendered her resignation.

Belmont County Commissioner Ginny Favede stepped down from that post due to “infighting and a loss of focus by the board.” Those are not healthy words.

The JB Green Team’s turbulence surfaced during the process of hiring a new executive director. The job came open late last year when Jack Cera resigned to fill a seat in the Ohio House.

The JB board voted on March 12 to hire Powhatan Point Mayor Mark McVey as Cera’s replacement. McVey, a JB Green team board of trustees member, had been serving as interim director following Cera’s departure.

As fate would have it, McVey and the board were unable to reach agreement on a contract. Consequently, McVey declined the job offer.

McVey is well-equipped to handle the position, and one in which we feel he would have performed quite effectively. That, however, is now a moot point.

His decision has sparked more board division.

Some members were looking to re-advertise the position while others were planning to meet with the other finalist for the post.

We see no reason to go through the advertisement process again. It would prove a waste of time and money. Moreover, the runnerup to McVey the first time around impressed several of the board members and, according to one, is still interested in becoming the JB Green Team executive director.

We also believe that walking away from a problem is a poor way to handle it. Favede should have helped remedy the situation instead of creating another vacancy.